Used FACScans, revisited

Wed Jul 12 08:41:26 EST 1995


    I never really cared or thought about how old our FACScan is oddly enough 
until yesterday after a conversation with someone at BD when the issue of age 
come up coincidentally. Our scan still does exquisite immunofluorescense and 
DNA content but it has been under service contract as the hospital's machine 
for the last eight years.  The service agreement covers parts and when pieces 
or hardware (emphasis on hardware)break they are replaced with new "revs". To 
me this means I just have an old cover. One issue I can think of then is if 
one wanted to interface a non-modified, old facscan with the newer MAC 
hardware for data acquisition.  We have just done this with no apparent 
problems but I understand that there have been some.   

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