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Susan Atwater atwater at pangloss.ucsf.EDU
Tue Aug 22 15:39:20 EST 1995

jphillip at wrote:
>     Hello to all,
>     One of the PI's was asking about the human THY 1, that is used to 
>     identify the earliest of the CD34 populations.  I saw a flyer on this 
>     from someone who is manufacturing it (I think) but, I cannot recall 
>     who.  I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with a name, 
>     address, or telephone number. Thanks  
>     Jim Phillips
>     University of Miami

Check out this article:

2. Murray L; Chen B; Galy A; Chen S; Tushinski R; Uchida N; Negrin R; 
Tricot G;
       Jagannath S; Vesole D; et al.
     Enrichment of human hematopoietic stem cell activity in the
     CD34+Thy-1+Lin- subpopulation from mobilized peripheral blood.
   Blood, 1995 Jan 15, 85(2):368-78.

In their Methods section, they say the Thy-1 antibody they used was 
GM201, from Dr. W. Rettig, Ludwig Cancer Research Institute, New York 
NY.  You could also call the author at SyStemix in Mountain View, CA 
(don't have the number).  

The paper is also interesting because they show that the number of cells
in this subset fluctuate from day to day after stem cell mobilization,
even when the total number of CD34+ cells stays roughly constant.  You
have to wonder which would be the better predictor of engraftment: total
CD34+ or this subset of them.  Early engraftment is probably due more to
committed progenitors than true stem cells, and the easiest things to
measure (e.g. time to PMN or platelet recovery) probably reflect early
engraftment.  So, if this subset is really enriched for true stem cells,
it may not be easy to find out what they're doing after PBSCT, or whether 
it's worth counting them.  

Are you working on a clinical assay?   

Susan Atwater, MD
UC San Francisco

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