Concentration Calibration Curves

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Tue Apr 11 00:39:00 EST 1995

Good morning, I hope everyone is learning something here.

I response to Eric Martz comments:
>Live rate displayed   Rate saved to file    Events lost
>on monitor            to disk file
>3,200/sec             294                   91%
>420/sec               357                   15%
>Since the rate saved is actually slower at the higher rate, there is
>evidently a penalty for higher rates above and beyond the dead time
>per recorded event.  I think everyone should do the kind of check you
>did.  The conclusion (for our setup) is that concentrations of cells
>giving rates above 500/sec are simply wasting cells!

According to a poster by Langlois and van den Engh presented at ISAC XVI,
March 1993: Both BD and MoFlo maximum data storage for 3-parameter list
mode was approx. 1000 events/sec..  A max.of 4000 events/sec. was observed
for "two-parameter histograms".

This should not be confused with the time required in signal processing
for sort-decision making - which is much faster.  This is why I reported
trigger rates.

tom d.

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