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Is the source code for the programs that read list mode files also available?
I wrote a Macintosh program for converting binary list mode to ASCII that
recognizes a subset of the FCS2.0 keywords. It has been tested on files from
a small number of instruments, as well as WinList files. Anyone who wants a
copy can have it for the asking. I am interested in knowing whether your
program supports a more complete list of keywords.

Don Frankel

Date: 9/29/94 6:26 PM
To: Don Frankel
From: Steve Kelley
    On a similar vein I need to be able to extract the data from flow
    listmode files in ASCII format. Specifically, files from the Coulter
    Elite. Does there already exist software to do this or must I write my

    Hazel Davey.

I have some simple things including this, on
for anonymous ftp in the /pub/purdue directory.  This program is LLDATA.
There is also LDATA for histogram files, and KEYS and LOOKUP for reading
keywords and their values from FCS files.

Steve Kelley

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