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Alice Givan inquired:
>Is anyone using a laser printer with a BD/HP340/LysysII system? 

No. We use the HP PaintJet (PJ) that is part of the CONSORT 32 system. We also 
have an HP PaintJet XL (XL) and an HP LaserJet III (LJ3, with the PostScript 
cartridge, LJ3/PS) for our PC/Mac analysis stations.

>Any thoughts
>about its convenience/cost effectiveness compared to the PaintJet option? 

IMO, the LJ3 paper tray is nicer than the PJ tractor feed.
The LJ3 (8 ppm) *should* print faster than the PJ (1 ppm, calculated).

Cost effectiveness: (theoretical from user's manuals)
LJ3 4000 pages @  4- 5% coverage   @  $74.50 =     1.9 cents/page (5% coverage)
PJ   180 pages @ 10-15% solid fill @  $55.10 = 10-15   cents/page (5% solidfill)
XL   675 pages @    15% coverage   @ $108.07 =     5.3 cents/page (5% coverage)
(Prices include an academic discount.) I'm not sure if the PJ data is calculated 
accurately ("solid fill" versus "coverage"), so I included the XL (essentially 
the same as the PJ, except it uses 3 separate cartridges for color and has a 
cut-sheet feeder). Of course, I'm totally ignoring the fact that the purchase 
price for the LJ3 is much more than for the PJ.

>says that they support the HP LaserJet 3.  As this model appears to have been
>discontinued (so what else is new?),  are any other laser printer models

Good question. In *theory*, most HP LaserJets should be compatible. The most 
important features for use with a CONSORT 32 system (HP340) are: (1) HP-IB 
(Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus) interface, (2) PCL (Printer Control Language), 
and (3) the correct resolution (expressed in dots per inch [dpi]). Since only 
one "density" (NORMAL) is supported for LaserJets under LYSYS II, I would 
*guess* that 300 dpi is the correct resolution. (The LJ3 can use 75, 100, 150, 
or 300 dpi. The PJ uses 90 dpi under LYSYS II). My advice would be to "try 
before you buy".

You may also want to consider the HP DeskJet (DJ) printers. They are the 
successors to the PJ. The black and white only DJs *should* work when
"LaserJet" is selected under LYSYS II. The color DJs *should* work as above for 
black and white only, but you will probably have problems with color output (the 
DJs can use the same dpi resolutions as LJs, but *not* the 90 dpi of the PJ). At 
worst, color output would be 30% of normal size (300 dpi). At best, 90% (100 
dpi). I believe the DJ 550C (560C?) and DJ 1200C/PS are supported for the new 

It looks like there may be a problem getting HP-IB interfaces. Maybe Henry H. 
Wortis has found a solution?

You can get some information from HP's web server:

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