Fixation prior to staining

Robert Rainer drwho at
Tue Jun 28 11:01:08 EST 1994

Hello Fellow Flow Heads;

        I have been playing around with fixation of human cells prior to
staining with antibodies.  I have tried 1% paraformaldehyde 50% and 70%
ETOH and Acetone.  Neither of these techniques is very satisfactory.  The
paraform worked the best, but I did see a sit in the orange auto
flouresence, but the antigenicity was preservered.  Also there appeared to
be a decrease of the green signal.  I am sure that people have worked on
this in the past, and I was wondering what other methods people have used,
and what kinda results were obtained.  

        Has anyone tried any methods of antigen retrival using microwaves
or boiling?  Any suggestions would be great, and thanks for your time -- rr


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