CRBC as an internal DNA standard

Wendy Jones wjones at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Mon Jul 25 20:26:27 EST 1994

 -Hopefully someone out there can give me a few suggestions about the use 
of chicken red blood cells as internal DNA standards for plant nuclear 
DNA samples.  I'm just starting up grad reserch project looking at orchid 
DNA and I've run into a slight road block.  Most of the lit regarding the 
methods I want to use call for fresh chicken blood.  Since our university 
has recently phased out all poultry research, I don't have a local source 
for CRBCs.  So far, the only commercially available CRBCs I've run across 
are gluteraldehyde fixed. Besides being expensive, mostly due to air 
freight, I'm worried that the results won't be comparable to those of other 
studies.  If anyone out there has any comments about using glut-fixed 
CRBCs, or know of a commercial source for unfixed CRBCs I would 
appreciate hearing from you.

W. Jones
University of Hawaii
Dept. of Horticulture
wjones at

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