optical filters

Tue Jul 12 08:40:12 EST 1994


I have two questions regarding optical filters.

1.  Traditionally we have used a 405bp filter and a 350 lp (after a 550dl) for collection
of short and long indo1 wavelengths.  It has been suggested to me that we use a 395+/-5nm 
for short and a 525bp for long.  Any opinions?

2.  How long do filters last?  I read in Dr. Shapiro's book that this is a very individual
thing and each filter must be inspected periodically, but is there an outer limit?  We have
filters that we are using that are 7-10 years old.  Is this unreasonable?  They don't look
hazy, but I just wonder if the coatings can degenerate in such a way that would not be
visible to my naked eye.  I have not noticed problems, but I wonder if I would necessarily 
notice a problem with beads or such.

Thanks in advance.

Kris Weber

PS Thanks to all who offered suggestions on the platelets.  I should be able to try a lot
of them within the next month.

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