Fri Jan 28 12:56:00 EST 1994

Update on the big file problem that I posed a few weeks ago.  (Elite software
unable to use, but saves.)

First of all, thank you to everyone who responded.  We were in a major pinch
and it was very reassuring to know that so many people were willing to help.

Coulter has solved the problem with why the Elite software could save large
data files(>10 MBytes) but was unable to read them.  Contact Peter Grom
if you would like a copy of the fix. 

Also,  many people were interested in trying the large files on their own
software packages.  So, I have finally been able to put up one file on our
network (our server has been full).  FTP to
log on as "flowfile"  and use password "flowfile".
There is one 11 MByte listmode data file on there that is a calcium flux plus
surface marker.  (We were interested in the PE+ only.)  I don't remember
whether or not this one fluxed, but at least you'll be able to see if you can
manipulate the file.  I will leave the file on the server until Feb. 14.  After
that contact me directly if you would like it.  Also, I have some surface marker
files that are in excess of 10 MBytes if you would like to try those, contact

I was mistaken when I said that WinList could not handle files with a million
data points.  Apparently the problem was insufficient RAM on my part (need >16 

Thanks again to everyone who tried to help.

Kris Weber
University of Michigan

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