Bring on the Clones!

Gary Durack durack at
Tue Jan 25 04:13:13 EST 1994

Adding to the Autoclone info ...

We're using the "original" autoclone on an EPICS 753 and find that it takes
about 4 minutes per plate if the sorted population is a reasonable
percentage (> 10%). We have taken as long as 45 minutes to complete a 1000
cell per well plate from a <5% population (96 well plate).

We sort using a 76 micron quartz high velocity flow cell
and use a oscillator frequency of 20 kHz. We have found that a 1 drop sort
with this set up improves plating efficiency over a 3 drop sort at 32 kHz.
Primarily we note less variation in the position of the sorted stream over
time with the 20 kHz, 1 drop setup. We're usually sorting into conical
bottom plates which gives us a smaller target as compared to the "U" bottom

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