autocloning on EPICS 752 system at
Tue Jan 25 10:02:43 EST 1994

In regards to Josh Cherry's question about autocloning into 96 well
plates on an EPICS 752-

We have routinely used the autocloner on our EPICS 753 for single 
and multiple cell deposition into 96 well plates with good results.
The autocloner manual says that it takes the instrument 3.2 minutes 
per plate to transit all 96 wells.  The time needed for the instrument
to deposit a single cell when the sort population is at least 2% of 
the total does not significantly add to the total sort time for each
plate.  We usually allow around 5 minutes per plate when scheduling
cloner time.  Hope that helps.

Justin Fishbaugh
University of Iowa
Flow Cytometry Facility

internet:  system at

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