Blue book? :)

Marc Langweiler Marc.Langweiler at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Jan 13 13:37:21 EST 1994


Pardon me if this is a repeat of previous postings.

Would someone care to speculate on what a used Elite might be worth
(description below).  We have been approached by someone interested in
purchasing our little-used unit, and before we consider the issue would like
to have some idea of what a reasonable asking price would be.  Please
accompany any tongue-in-cheek suggestions with a :)

The instrument is *very* low mileage, with a manufacture date of 10/90,
having been on-site since 1/91.  Includes argon and HeNe air-cooled lasers,
but *no* gated amp.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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 DMS Pathology     Lebanon, NH
  langweiler at

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