An archiving question?

J. Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Jan 10 16:00:54 EST 1994

From: Paul Robinson
At  : Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
Re  : Data archiving systems

We have been using WORM type optical disks for over 5 years now and have been
quite happy with the system. recently however, we have generated much more data
than I would have immagined 5 years ago. The last straw has been the purchase
of a confocal microscopy (or 2) and now we really know what data volume means!

I propose to change from optical discs to CDs. I would like any comments on this
technology. The instrument that seems to be most in favor is the Philips 521 CD
ROM Recorder which with the software program "CD Producer" and SCSI card sells
for $5799.00. (You can get it cheaper without the smarter software).

The cost for 640 meg archived data will be $20 and the data will be readable 
from any CD reader (cost $200-400) that will fit into any PC system. Since the
CDs are multisession, you can fill up each CD to the brim at much cheaper cost
than for opticals.

I would appreciate any comments, experience, rumors etc about this technology.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Paul Robinson
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

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