Position available

Wed Jan 5 17:55:30 EST 1994

 Needed, a flow cytometry operator to run an academic research oriented
facility with a FACSCAN, FACSTAR+, HP310, HP340, MicroVAX and PC 486/66.
The facility provides services to a large group of basic research
scientists, mainly immunologists.
 At present the unit does simple cell staining data acquisition, cell
sorting and cloning, ion flux, cell cycle analysis, energy transfer and
other procedures.  Current software includes Consort 30 and 40, LYSIS I,
LYSIS II and WINLIST.  The operator offers technical assistance to
investigators and trains them to acquire and analyze their own data using
the FACSCAN. The operator is the exclusive user of the FACSTAR+.
 If interested please provide a c.v., a list of three references and a
letter describing flow experience (if any) and career goals.
 Contact: Henry H. Wortis, M.D.
          Department of Pathology
          Tufts University School of Medicine
          136 Harrison Ave.
          Boston MA 02111
          FAX (617)956-6718  PHONE (617)350-8590

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