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Doug Smoot rin0dss at
Wed Jan 5 08:54:38 EST 1994

I have had a similar problem with my Elite.  I discovered that the problem
in my files was in the header.  When I saved my files I got an error
message saying the there was a problem saving the file for some reason I
can not remember.  The FCS file format only allows for a certain size
file.  I ran my files through an FCS file reading program we created and it
determined that the data area was invalid (It has been a while but I think
that is because there are not enough digits in the header space to allow
for a very large data area.  What I now do is pregate the data using
the listgate feature (under the options screen on the cytometer - useful if
you are gating out non-indo loaded cells if you are running an indo
experiment).  This doesn't really help with the files you have already saved

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> HELP!!
> We have saved a number of listmode files on the Coulter Elite that are
> in excess of 10 MBytes.  Unfortunately, the Elite software does not
> recognize them as valid listmode files, and the WinList software cannot
> handle displaying all 1,000,000 data points in the files.  We desparately
> need to analyze these files and would appreciate it if anyone who has run
> into this problem could let us know how to work around it.
> Thanks!
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