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Gary C. Salzman Gary_Salzman at
Fri Feb 25 10:21:00 EST 1994

Reminder: Email Abstracts for ISAC XVII at Lake Placid

        Platform and Poster abstracts for ISAC XVII are being collected for
posting on an electronically accessible bulletin board. All presenters who
wish to participate should email their plain text abstracts in the format
described below to Gary_Salzman at before 1 June 1994.  The abstracts
will be placed in a text file and posted on the publicly accessible
bulletin board during the first week of June 1994.
Interested parties will be able to download the abstract text file along
with programs for searching for and printing titles, abstract categories
and selected abstracts.

Instructions for electronic abstract submission:
1) Convert your abstract to plain ASCII text and paste it into the text
area of an email message.  As the new first line of the abstract
immediately above the title line, place three capital X letters in a row
followed by a space, the name of the abstract category into which your
abstract should be placed followed by a space, and the email address of the
first author.  End the line with a carriage return.  Choose an abstract
category from the list provided on the ISAC abstract submission form.  For
example, the first line for an abstract in the Molecular Cytogenetics
category might be XXX Molecular Cytogenetics name at
2) On the To: line of the message place Gary_Salzman at
3) On the Subject: line place the words ISAC Abstract

        Your submission will be confirmed by email within one day of
receipt and your abstract will be appended to the abstract text file.
During the first week of June, the abstracts and search programs will be
available on  The directory hierarchy on
is Information by Division/Life Sciences Division/NFCR/ISAC Abstracts.  If
you do not have the gopher software needed to download files from a gopher,
the software can be obtained by anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol) from (Internet address  Note that is address is
different than the one on the pink sheet included with the abstract forms.
Note also that the email abstract is not a replacement for your
camera-ready copy sent to the ISAC office by the appropriate deadline.

Gary C. Salzman
Life Sciences Division
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voice: (505)665-2037
FAX:  (505)665-3024
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