john michie jm5 at
Fri Dec 23 09:38:00 EST 1994

We would like to respond to the letter of "Clive at" concerning the
presence of BD here in South Africa.  We have been users of BD reagents and 
instruments in Cape Town for the last 4 years and we disagree with the 
comments that BD presence is not felt in SA.  The representatives here in 
Cape Town as well as the reps from Johannesburg and Nairobi are highly 
supportive and well qualified to help in any matter of flow and we cannot 
understand why Clive would have a problem with them.  Is it perhaps that he 
has other "preferences"??  If we may ask: what instruments has Clive used 
in the past??  To send such a letter on Internet is not only unprofessional
 but also damaging to the intergrity of the company and individuals connected
 to that company.

We would like to set the records straight: BD is here in SA and they are 
supportive of ALL flow users in the republic.  Maybe Clive should try BD
and see for himself!!  Their instruments are certainly reliable, the software
 is superb and their service is excellent.

Dr. J. Michie
Chairman: FCASA Western Cape Branch

Dr. P. Bouic
Treasurer: FCSA Western Cape Branch

John Michie PhD
Department of Radiation Oncology
Gene Louw Building
Tygerberg Hospital
Cape Town 7505
South Africa
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