Reply to Steve Kelley CLIVEG at
Fri Dec 9 12:42:02 EST 1994

We are a small virology institute - approximately 25 scientists - 
working on a range of viruses. We wish to purchase a sorter 
to fit into our HIV/TB lab. At present we have a FACscan of 1987 
vintage. We are thinking of purchasing either a FACsort or an EPICS 
ELITE and would appreciate feedback and advice concerning the 
following: suitability for virus work in terms of biohazard safety, 
ease of use, sorting capabilities, the mac vs IBM platform, 
possibilities for upgrades (ie fitting on extra lasers for 4 or 5 
colour work).

Other points concerning BD equipment. In South Africa BD does not 
have a direct presence. They have an agency which is not dedicated to 
flow, which has been somewhat unsatisfactory. We therefore do not 
know anything about BD in this country. Please give feedback on 
reliability of equipment and whether we may pull our hair out!


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