Reticulocyte pipetting and sed rates ABBOTT_DAVID_L_JR at
Tue Sep 28 09:17:00 EST 1993

We are developing an automated procedure for preparing flow cytometric 
reticulocyte samples using a Tecan model RSP 505. Has anyone performed 
experiments to determine the effects of atypical sed rates on 
automatically pipetted reticulocyte samples? The Tecan senses the liquid 
surface and aspirates just below the surface. We are preparing to induce 
high sed rates (by adding fibrinogen) in the beagle dog in vitro and 
compare reticulocyte results through 30 minutes, if necessary. We are 
using Retic-COUNT (thiazole orange) reagent and a FACScan flow 
cytometer. Comments, suggestions?

David Abbott
Tele 317 277-4883
fax  317 277-2954


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