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>Subject: A FACS related problem
>A certain molecule is expressed on the surface of two different cell lines at 
>similar levels, but (probably) in two different conformations. I have a 
>monoclonal that (probably!) discriminates between the two conformations. In 
>comparing the staining pattern of these two cell lines  I face the following 
>The (no first Ab) conjugate controls for these two cell lines stain at two 
>different levels, so that it becomes impossible to compare the test 
>1)If I change the voltage for one cell line to  match its control staining to 
>that of the other, won't it bring about a more dramatic (and unreal) effect 
>on the test staining for this particular cell line?
>2)Or can I just superimpose the two control stainings and compare then compare 
>the stainings with the monoclonal in question?
>If anyone could throw some light on this aspect of FACS data analysis I will 
>be really greatful.
>Pl. send your replies at the following address:

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	I for one would also like to see some of the suggestions.

Perhaps they could be CC'd to the mailing list?


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