Dawson, Carolyn cdd1 at CIDHIV7.EM.CDC.GOV
Mon Sep 13 10:12:00 EST 1993

I am using flow cytometry to examine:
          T lymphocyte blasts
          Cultured T lymphocytes
          TCR variable beta chain families

If you are also doing any or all the above, I would like to get together 
during this meeting, to discuss our various experiences, techniques for gate 
selection, problems, etc.

          Janines Jason
          Mailstop A25, Immunology Branch
          Division of HIV/AIDS
          National Center for infectious Diseases
          Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC)

          Hotel telephone number:
          Meeting Street Inn 803-723-1821
          Office telephone number:  404-639-3919
          Office FAX number:  404-639-2108

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