dye soln. and blank beads as a standard

vanburen%flovax.dnet@rocdec.roc.wayne.edu vanburen%flovax.dnet at rocdec.roc.wayne.edu
Fri Nov 19 15:28:30 EST 1993

We have recently started work on an application in need of standards. We 
would like a UV-excitable (350-365nm from Ar+ laser), violet-fluorescing 
(400-450nm) standard. Most beads are either too bright (FCSC Hoechst, Indo, 
and FullSpectrum) or too dim (FCSC Blank). I remember hearing about a 
method using a dye solution with blank beads as a trigger source. Does 
anyone have a procedure worked up for this method, or remember a source for 
one? Any other ideas?

/\/\/\_ Eric Van Buren, vanburen%flovax.dnet at rocdec.roc.wayne.edu
\ \ \   Immunology & Microbiology
 \_^_/  Wayne State University

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