[Csc] NetworKit release 4.3

Henning Meyerhenke henning.meyerhenke at kit.edu
Tue Jun 13 00:40:13 EDT 2017

We are pleased to announce release 4.3 of NetworKit, our open-source
toolkit for the analysis of large (not necessarily complex) networks. A
frontend in Python and a backend in C++ with OpenMP parallelism combine
the best of both worlds: NetworKit allows exploratory workflows with the
execution speed of natively compiled (and often parallel) code.

Major changes include the addition of new dynamic centrality algorithms
and a faster algorithm for listing all maximal cliques. Many changes
under the hood should also make the work with NetworKit even more enjoyable.

More information can be found at http://network-analysis.info. Feedback
is appreciated and best submitted on the NetworKit mailing list (link
available from the main website).

Best regards,
The NetworKit Team

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