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Emerging Trends in Technologies and Research

Dr. Ramasamy Uthurusamy
General Motors Corporation

Friday, November 14, 2008
3:30 pm -4:30 pm

An overview of emerging trends in technologies and their impact on industrial
and academic research and practice will be presented.  While email has been
widely regarded as the killer application of the Internet, it is search that
has become the killer app of the Web, but where is it heading to? We will
explore the landscape of globalization of industrial and academic research
and trends in technologies for Internet, Web, Search, Mobility, Computing,
etc.  We will outline a few examples in presence and location based
technologies; pervasive and cloud computing; crowdsourcing; virtualization;
Web 2.0 technologies including mashups and folksonomies; Web 3.0; multi-user
multi-touch interactive interfaces; business intelligence; visual analytics,
etc.  The objective of this presentation with audience participation is to
explore what should be the appropriate "strategic intent" that leverages the
evolution of the technologies and related research.

Ramasamy Uthurusamy is currently General Director of Emerging Technologies,
Information Systems and Services Division of General Motors Corporation. He
received his Ph.D. from Purdue University. Prior to joining General Motors he
was with Exxon Production Research Company where he was involved in applied
AI research. He has taught at Purdue University and at the University of

At GM, he leads the emerging technologies initiatives in the group headed by
the CTO. Currently his research interests and expertise spans four major
areas: Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Data Mining (KDD); Artificial
Intelligence (AI); Knowledge Management; and Advanced Web Technologies. He
assesses, evaluates, pilots, and develops GM specific proof-of-concepts of
promising new information technologies as part of his responsibilities. He
works with and leverages his extensive internal and external contacts in
academia, industry, government, and relevant organizations.  His professional
activities include serving on the editorial board of journals, reviewing
technical publications, and serving on conference steering committees.  He is
a Co-Editor of the book on KDD titled "Advances in Knowledge Discovery and
Data Mining" published by MIT/AAAI Press in 1996. He Co-Edited two special
issues for the Communications of ACM on data mining.  He is the
Secretary-Treasurer of the International Joint Conferences on AI (IJCAI). 

He received the "Distinguished Service Award" from ACM SIGKDD for his active
involvement in KDD from the beginning. He received the Charles McCuen Special
Achievement Award from General Motors R&D Center for part of his work in
GM-specific applications in these areas. He is a member of AAAI, IEEE, ACM,
and Sigma Xi. He was one of the 2002 Winter Olympics Torchbearers.

-Faculty and students wishing to speak privately with Dr. Uthurusamy should
contact Prof. Bharat Bhargava at bbshail at cs.purdue.edu or call (765)494-6183.

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