[Cs-colloq] Prestige Lecture on Science of Information 11/17/2008

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Fri Nov 7 11:52:59 EST 2008

2008-09 Prestige Lecture Series on Science of Information

"Networks: How Information Theory Met the Space and the Time"

Prof. Philippe Jacquet, INRIA, France

Monday, November 17, 2008
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Lawson 1142

In this talk we present a historical survey of telecommunications. We start
by noticing  the transition from physics to mathematics during the fifties,
and the transition from mathematics to computer science during the eighties.
Information theory was launched during the transition to mathematics and
answered the question: how to optimize the quantity of information that can
be transmitted? Internet has been created during the transition to computer
science as a tentative answer to the following question: how to move
efficiently information in a complex system? We shall emphasize the evolution
of information theory along with the emergence of complex networks.
Basically, we shall argue that networking requires novel information theory
in which space and time play crucial role. We illustrate these considerations
on mobile wireless networks.

Philippe Jacquet is Research director in Institut National de Recherche en
Informatique et Automatique (INRIA) and is currently the scientific leader of
Hipercom project. Philippe graduated from Ecole Polytechnique some time ago
and subsequently joined the Corps des Mines. As "Ingenieur General des Mines"
he is currently on leave - detached - at INRIA a French government funded
research institute. Philippe's main research topics are algorithms, wireless
networking, information theory, protocols and models. Philippe loves theory,
but likes it the most when it is eventually useful (he is, however, open to
discuss what exactly "eventually" means). But never forget that innovations
very frequently arise out of plans. Philippe is among the main originators of
the OLSR protocol, the standardized link state routing protocol for MANET, a
story that started in 1997.

-Faculty and students wishing to speak privately with Prof. Jacquet should
contact Prof. Wojtek Szpankowski at spa at cs.purdue.edu or call (765)494-6703.
-Refreshments will be served before the talk in LWSN 1142.

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