[CogLAs] Narrating Futures, vol. 1: Future Narratives

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Dear Colleagues,

See below for details on the just-published first volume of a multi-volume series on *Narrating Futures*.  Some of you will know the lead investigator and co-author of this first volume on *Future Narratives*, Christoph Bode, from (among many other things!) his lucid introduction to the field and practice of narratology, *The Novel* (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011).  This new volume (along with its companions when published) will be especially interesting for cognitive narratologists because of the nodal model it develops to characterize and theorize future narratives across media.  Cognitive historicists will likewise appreciate its articulation of the "media-historical moment" in which such narratives arise.

Please consider recommending the series to your librarian and/or purchasing this first volume for that hard-to-buy-for scholar on your list! 

Happy holidays,

Christoph Bode (Ed.)
Christoph Bode, Rainer Dietrich
Theory, Poetics, and Media-Historical Moment
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European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant Research Project

First large-scale conceptualization of future narratives offering a theoretical blueprint for mediating political, environmental, and business decision processes.

This head volume of the ‚Narrating Futures‘ series defines and identifies Future Narratives. It parses their characteristic features and aims at an abstract classification of the whole corpus, irrespective of its concrete manifestations across the media. Drawing on different theorems and approaches, it offers a unified theory and a poetics of Future Narratives. Locating the media-historical moment of their emergence, this volume paves the way for the following volumes, which deal with how Future Narratives are refracted through different media.

Christoph Bode, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany.
237 pp., 31 fig.
RRP € 69.95 / *US$ 98.00
ISBN 978-3-11-027212-3
RRP € 69.95 / *US$ 98.00
ISBN 978-3-11-027237-6
Print + eBook
RRP € 109.95 / *US$ 154.00
ISBN 978-3-11-027238-3
Date of publication October 2013
Language English
Literary Studies

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