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Fri Dec 12 17:46:18 EST 2008

Part-time Opportunity
School Datebooks(Lafayette, IN) is looking for a part-time programmer
and computer support person.  We are looking for someone who can work
10-20 hours a week during normal 8-5 business hours starting early next
semester.  A summer job (40 hrs/wk) is also a possibility.  Programming
knowledge is required,  VB.Net and ASP.Net preferred.  Please email a
resume to hr at schooldatebooks.com.  

Harris Corporation - IP Operations Specialist
* Provide technical support for IP services on a private network
* Monitor for, analyze, troubleshoot network problems within an
operations center utilizing network management and monitoring tools
* Monitor the alarm conditions on the network to proactively identify
and minimize disruption and impact to the network
* Employ test methods to analyze channelized/unchannelized T1, T3,
utilizing DACS equipment
* Utilize test methods to analyze/troubleshoot WAN/LAN technologies such
as Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, RF, VoIP
* Work with Local Exchange Carriers, ILECs, IXCs to resolve WAN problems
* Work with internal and external customers to resolve IP routing and
switching problems
* Work with onsite technicians remotely to resolve site local issues
* This position is part of a 24x7 network control environment. Shift and
workday flexibility is required.
* Bachelors degree in Telecommunications, Networking, Information
Technology, or related field
* Cisco and DACS networking equipment knowledge
* Network routing and switching protocol knowledge a plus
* Experience with Network Management tools a plus
* Long distance microwave radio knowledge a plus
* US Citizenship required
http://www.harris.com - send resumes to CIT Alum Mark Lah
mlah at harris.com

Title:	Progress Programmer
Location:	Indiana Packers, Delphi, IN
	Ph:  765-564-3680
Status:	Fulltime position, reports to the MIS Manager.

Job Description:	To provide plant personal with programming
support as required.

*	Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar technical
discipline,  required.
*	Proven trouble shooting and problem solving and analytical
skill,  required.
*	Graphical and Character development,  desired.
*	Appbuilder experience,  desired.
*	Experience with PERL, Shell and/or C scripts,  desired.
*	Exposure to MS SQL,  desired.
*	Exposure to MS Project,  desired.
*	Exposure to Linux,  desired.
*	Exposure to Networking and VLANs,  desired.
*	Desire and patience to work with other members of the staff to
fix and improve existing services as well as add new ones.
*	This position requires a sense of urgency as it relates to plant
operations.  Operational demands create a fast paced environment.
*	Strong organizational and communication skills.  
*	Ability to multi-task 
*	Experience with Progress software and database,  highly desired.

*	Software maintenance and documentation - support of our current
*	Algorithm development and documentation - new software modules
to support labor streamlining, error proofing, automated process, et al.

*	Software installation and configuration activities.
*	Take ownership of projects:  work with customers and other users
to develop requirements, develop software to meet requirements, and
document the project's functionally for support.
*	This position will share in after-hours on-call duties.
*	Other opportunities as assigned.

If qualified and interested, send resume to:  dennis at inpac.com

Spring 2009 Internships
The Executive Vice President and Treasurer's Internships Program has a
couple of internship opportunities available for Spring 2009. 
 <<Desktop Support Technical Expert Intern.doc>>  
<<ITapSysAdminInternSP.DOC>>  <<DBProgSuppAsstIntern.doc>> 
Angie Murphy 
Assistant to the Department Head 
Purdue University 
Department of Computer & Information Technology 
401 N. Grant Street 
Knoy Hall of Technology, Room 249
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2021 
Phone:  (765) 496-6003 
Fax:      (765) 496-1212 
armurphy at purdue.edu 

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