[Citizendium-tools] Return of the need for forms

Robert King robert.william.king at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 23:33:06 EST 2007

 I've been thinking about what the practical uses of forms would be and I've
come up with a small handful:

* I think the media-upload wizard could be easily re-vamped with a form
* Easier creation of metadata templates for new-users, so we can make
citizendium more "user friendly"
* Add a widget of a generic "cite", in which fields could be filled out and
the code generated from this input to increase the usability aspect (because
really, who other than serious wiki editors remembers all the fields?)
* Again, creating the "one-shot" new article button
* Creating the image-categorization "game" in order to encourage users to
participate in something possibly entertaining to accomplish a task

I emplore serious exploration into finding an extension that allows this (I
have listed a few); I think it will seriously impact the ease of use factor
for the site greatly.
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