[Citizendium-l] My recent absence

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Thu Jul 30 11:35:39 EDT 2009


It's been a long time since I've given any update about CZ, and to be honest
it's been a while since I've even made any edits on the wiki.  I should
explain my personal circumstances and thinking, because I don't want it to
precipitate a crisis of confidence in the project as a whole.

First, the Citizendium project doesn't earn me a dime.  Fortunately, CZ
still has something north of $10,000 in our Tides Center account, which will
pay for the servers for many months yet.  But personally, to make a living
I've had to spend most of my work time on a project soon finally to be
widely announced--WatchKnow.org.  It's important that this launch go well,
so I've been focused on WatchKnow.

Nevertheless, surely this isn't an excuse for neglecting CZ as much as I
have been.  Simply by way of explanation--not justification--let me tell you
a few other things that I have borne in mind.  The first is that, as far as
I can tell, CZ has been doing pretty well without my being involved so much.
My impression is that the traffic to the website and the number of edits per
day have been slowly trending upward.  You might say that there are
squeakier wheels in my life just now.

The second, quite frankly, is that I have felt I had less and less of a
right to claim to be Editor-in-Chief of this community-run, collaborative,
non-profit project.  This is partly because I've been spending so little
time on the project--and authority is earned by participation, I think--and
partly because I promised close to three years ago that I would step down as
Editor-in-Chief in 2-3 years.  To make matters worse, I am well aware that I
will probably have to take the lead in finding my own replacement.  And the
whole process may precipitate something of a constitutional crisis,
considering that we never adopted a proper charter, as I intended but never
got around to doing.  But after posting this, I'll go to the forums to start
a conversation about it.

Finally, in all honesty, I should make a confession.  I have poor time
management skills--or maybe it's just that I've been feeling overwhelmed by
my various responsibilities.  I'm not proud of this and I frequently try
ways to improve, but with multiple responsibilities (not all of which I can
tell you about), and the sheer amount of e-mail I get and have to catch up
on, I'm afraid it's difficult to stay on top of everything.


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