[Citizendium-l] Write-a-Thon Wednesday

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Mon Mar 31 14:08:34 EDT 2008


The monthly Write-a-Thon is in two days--or a little over 24 hours "Down
Under"!  Given the heightened activity we've been seeing on the wiki
recently, I expect this Write-a-Thon to be very lively!


In case you are new to CZ, the "Write-a-Thon" is our monthly special big
get-together, where you can be sure to see lots of activity on the wiki.
You can let people know what you've done on the wiki that day on the (above)
Write-a-Thon page, ask for help, feedback, and collaboration, and so forth.
It's just a little fun.  Also, there is a monthly libation, which will
remain virtual until replicators are invented and hooked up replicators to
our computers.

The "party theme" this time is Core Articles...so, please make AT LEAST ONE
EDIT to a Core Article list


in your main area of interest, or, if the list is complete, at least one
edit to a Core Article.  Bonus points for starting a new article!  If you
don't do this, you are Rotten to the Core!!!  :-P

Here is some random advice for this Write-a-Thon and always: remember that
CZ is a collaborative project.  While we should respect others' work, of
course, no one owns any particular article, and virtually all of our
articles can be improved.  One way that most articles are badly in need of
improvement, by the way, is in number of internal links, i.e., [[these
links]] to other CZ articles; link copiously, but (of course) always

In other news, the new Editorial Council is about to get started, with many
brand new members and a new Chair: Supten Sarbadhikari.  Also, we are
approaching 6,000 articles!

My education petition received 51 signatures (so far)

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