[Citizendium-l] Self-registration begins!

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Mon Jan 22 20:00:51 EST 2007


As of a few minutes ago, thanks largely to the technical work of Greg Sabino
Mullane, we have begun to permit people to self-register.

So people can now join the wiki in minutes!

Start here: http://www.citizendium.org/cfa.html

Constables will have the new job of blocking access from accounts that are
not in the correct form, e.g., partial names.

I have a request!  There must be someone on these lists who has not joined
us.  Well, can you please test out this new registration system by making an
account, and report back your experience to me?

Also, if you encounter a bug, please e-mail bugs at citizendium.org.

By the way, we will begin circulating our new press release soon, and it
will be posted publicly Wednesday.  Self-registration is one thing that
we'll be announcing.



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