[Citizendium-l] OK, let's delete the Wikipedia articles (an experiment)

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Thu Jan 18 11:45:35 EST 2007


After seeing the widespread support
(http://forum.citizendium.org/index.php/topic,431.0.html) for the suggestion
that we try *not* forking Wikipedia--i.e., that we delete all articles that
are not marked "CZ Live"--I am about to instruct our tech team to go ahead
and make the deletion.  It should happen soon, although I can't predict
exactly when.  I hope within the next 24 hours.

Support for the suggestion was not total.  But, for what it's worth, there
was nearly unanimous consent among certain editors, authors, and Executive
Committee members whose opinion I particularly respect.  (And I don't mean
this to be circular :-) ...after all, at least one person whose opinion I
very much respect did disagree!)

Some folks stressed quite rightly that we regard this as an experiment.
After all, it's easy go, easy come--easy to delete the inactive articles,
and easy to upload a new set of Wikipedia's articles, if we conclude the
experiment is a failure.

This experiment represents a reconception of our project's basic aim.  If
the experiment goes well, no longer will we be calling ourselves a "fork of
Wikipedia."  We will have, exclusively, our own identity and our own
articles.  We will still, to be sure, follow much of the Wikipedia
process--the aspects that work.  But no longer will we have as our central
aim the cleaning up and approval of Wikipedia articles.  I think it might
prove easier and more pleasant to build fresh new stables than to clean out
the Augean Stables of Wikipedia.

NOTE TO ACTIVE CONTRIBUTORS: if you have been working on an article, MAKE
SURE that it has been marked [[Category:CZ Live]].  Otherwise, it will be

NOTE ALSO: if you compiled a list of "top priority" articles by tagging all
such articles (see, for example, http://tinyurl.com/372fto), and those
articles aren't also marked "CZ Live" (as many of them *shouldn't* be
because no one has in fact worked on them), then you might want to save that
list, which will disappear when the inactive articles are deleted.  This
should not be hard.  Simply go to the "Category:_______ Workgroup (Top)"
page, copy the list, place [[ and ]] around the items in the list and delete
the index letters (or keep them if you want); finally, paste the result onto
the "Citizendium Pilot:______ Workgroup" page.  I won't do this myself, so
hop to it if you care!!!

More notes after deletion.

Best to all and thanks for all the great discussion,

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