[Citizendium-l] Page moves now require constable help; and semi-automated hand-approval of new accounts?

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Sat Feb 17 12:39:33 EST 2007


To combat ongoing vandalism, we have limited page moves to constables.  As
constables cannot make editorial decisions, they pretty much are at your
beck and call.  :-)  Write them at constables at citizendium.org if you need a
page moved.

Also due to ongoing vandalism, we have, perhaps temporarily, gone back to
hand processing of new accounts, i.e., shut down self-registration.  New
author accounts have to be registered via mail to
constables at citizendium.org.  The question now under discussion (and do feel
free to take this up on the Forums) is whether we should have a system of
semi-automated hand-approval of new accounts.  See:



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