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We could ourselves scope out the many 'open-access' journals in various subject areas, and judiciously select those 'review-type' articles whose content and cognitive accessibility meet CZ's requirements.  Some I know permit free use with attribution.

The Public Library of Science says this about its suite of journals:

"Everything we publish is freely available online for you to read, download, copy, distribute, and use (with attribution) any way you wish."

That means we can even edit the articles as workgroups deem appropriate.  We could re-title, edit for easier reading when necessary, add content.


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  I've been overwhelmed with the excellent opportunities thrown our way.  One
  type of opportunity is this: some people have suggested that they will
  transfer the contents of their professional wiki projects to the
  Citizendium.  There are two wikis for which this is a possibility, and one
  other content project.  Also possible are two published encyclopedias from
  the 1980s and 90s, now out of print I believe, which certain stakeholders
  are interested in letting us use.  I'm sorry I can't give you the details,
  but suffice it to say that it's pretty exciting stuff.

  We can "bootstrap" ourselves very well with new content and, no doubt, the
  new people that will come with it.

  So this then leads to a question for you: do you know of floundering
  academic wiki projects, or projects that people have lost interest in, that
  have much content that might be appropriate for CZ?  If so, can you please
  invite the principals of those projects to contact me at
  sanger at citizendium.org<mailto:sanger at citizendium.org>?  Let us use the content; we'll make sure it doesn't
  go to waste.


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