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I work in a private education institution in Malaysia. I also a Degree
student. I'm interested in setting up an experimental Citizendium in one of
our server and make it public. It would not matter if Citizendium is broken
as I am willing to learn as long as somebody can teach me. The important
thing is that I wanted to promote Open Source to the students and I also
wanted to have something like Wikipedia but can be used by the students as a
reliable and verifiable references. The problem with Wikipedia is that I
found out I can wrote/edit a document but nobody would verify my document.
So, if I wrote a paper and reference from Wikipedia can my tutor/lecturer
approve my Wikipedia reference ?

I have a server running PHP and mySQL where I can port the Citizendium
software. When can I download the Citizendium software ?

I'm willing to be the beta tester for Citizendium software running in my

Just a note, I'm not an expert in PHP and I don't know even the basic of
mySQL. But I have very minimal knowledge on how to set up mySQL and I also
willing to learn as long as somebody in here can give me some guidance or

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