[Citizendium-l] Here's a challenge

Phil Wardle phil_wardle at iprimus.com.au
Sun Sep 24 03:44:27 EDT 2006

Mmmm OK,

Does this post in any way involve Tequila? (joke).

Two things, my dad was a humble fitter and turner who cleaned up 
engineer's messes at Rolls-Royce aero engines during WWII (and Pratt and 
Whitney's even bigger ones too) and I loved his stories.

And  I'm an Uilleann Piper (who's been doing this mod stuff all week for 

So now we have the e-penis thing out of the way. Would you consider 
replying in future with less emotion and a tad less hyperbole? I have 
read your post three times now and for the life of me I can't work out 
what your viewpoint really is.

It was fun to read mind.....but perhaps you could respond by clarifying 
what you meant to say in plain English for this humble moderator, who's 
brain hurts.

I let it through, but only just.  :-\

Phil W.
Attitude Adjuster.

Bernard D. Tremblay (Ben) wrote:

>Larry very reasonably wrote about "rules enforced by people with a 
>certain level of education and maturity" Now maybe, just maybe you gag 
>on that the way you do. But hey, there's a existential reason here 
>that's got a whack of historical credibility to it. Want the tune? Then 
>pay the piper.
>I've mentioned LJ. That's free. I've mentioned Indymedia. We built that 
>from scratch.
>In both cases /somebody/ paid the piper.Piper always gets paid, kidz ...
>... or the tune ends.
>You eat the food? Then don't insult the cook.
>Larry has certain resources to draw on. I have certain resources to draw 
>on. It's fair and fair, right? Give your heads a shake. Larry's way or 
>no way. Drink from a cup with the King's coin in it and you're 
>press-ganged. You can sqwak, but it's a done deal.
>It's hard to get things done in the world of digital divide: those who 
>have believe they're entitled and those who know better can't voice 
>their peace. And we know the alternative. (IEDs ... we started a war to 
>fight MWDs that didn't actually exist and ended up with IEDs that never 
>existed before. Karma's a biatch!)
>This dawg sez: "You don't question the captain in a storm". And then 
>adds "Unless you know how to handle a ship and steer a course."
>I made a living cleaning up engineer's messes and getting designers' 
>plans to tick over. They're a cranky lot. A sense of entitlement does 
>that to them. But still: they get folk to invest in ships. If it weren't 
>for that we'd be working in mines.
>I know what WikiMedia is and what it's done. I know what PHP is and what 
>it's done. (Both of those are elementally different from WikiPedia. )
>We aren't talking about the first printing press. Probably at least most 
>of us realize we aren't talking about a bible. We aren't even talking 
>about a dictionary. (God bless Sam Johnson!)
>We're talking about sailing in someone's wake.
>Absent storms? *shrug* I'm in.
>49th LER
>ohhhhh-wooops I forgot to substantiate my subject! The challenge? "four years university", "rules enforced by people with a certain level of education and maturity" ... I have the advantage here and just slipped past it: I've never been lucky enough to work outside a situation where managers triggered my gag reflex again and again. ('cept the while I owned by own taxi; then it was just outright violence.)
>IMNSHO "sophistication" has everything to do with stacking the deck. Mark: that doesn't always make for the worst game in town huh huh.
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