[Citizendium-l] Here's a challenge

Bernard D. Tremblay (Ben) bentrem at aol.com
Sun Sep 24 03:16:11 EDT 2006

Larry very reasonably wrote about "rules enforced by people with a 
certain level of education and maturity" Now maybe, just maybe you gag 
on that the way you do. But hey, there's a existential reason here 
that's got a whack of historical credibility to it. Want the tune? Then 
pay the piper.

I've mentioned LJ. That's free. I've mentioned Indymedia. We built that 
from scratch.
In both cases /somebody/ paid the piper.Piper always gets paid, kidz ...
... or the tune ends.

You eat the food? Then don't insult the cook.

Larry has certain resources to draw on. I have certain resources to draw 
on. It's fair and fair, right? Give your heads a shake. Larry's way or 
no way. Drink from a cup with the King's coin in it and you're 
press-ganged. You can sqwak, but it's a done deal.

It's hard to get things done in the world of digital divide: those who 
have believe they're entitled and those who know better can't voice 
their peace. And we know the alternative. (IEDs ... we started a war to 
fight MWDs that didn't actually exist and ended up with IEDs that never 
existed before. Karma's a biatch!)

This dawg sez: "You don't question the captain in a storm". And then 
adds "Unless you know how to handle a ship and steer a course."

I made a living cleaning up engineer's messes and getting designers' 
plans to tick over. They're a cranky lot. A sense of entitlement does 
that to them. But still: they get folk to invest in ships. If it weren't 
for that we'd be working in mines.

I know what WikiMedia is and what it's done. I know what PHP is and what 
it's done. (Both of those are elementally different from WikiPedia. )
We aren't talking about the first printing press. Probably at least most 
of us realize we aren't talking about a bible. We aren't even talking 
about a dictionary. (God bless Sam Johnson!)

We're talking about sailing in someone's wake.
Absent storms? *shrug* I'm in.

49th LER

ohhhhh-wooops I forgot to substantiate my subject! The challenge? "four years university", "rules enforced by people with a certain level of education and maturity" ... I have the advantage here and just slipped past it: I've never been lucky enough to work outside a situation where managers triggered my gag reflex again and again. ('cept the while I owned by own taxi; then it was just outright violence.)
IMNSHO "sophistication" has everything to do with stacking the deck. Mark: that doesn't always make for the worst game in town huh huh.

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