[Citizendium-l] Constables, editors, and the Citizendium Foundation

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Sun Sep 24 00:55:58 EDT 2006


This is a sort of existential choice, but that's true of the founding of
every community, isn't it?

Let me restate the obvious, which often does need to be restated when
passions are high.  The Citizendium will *not* be Wikipedia.  We are
building a new community from scratch.  We are not reinventing
Wikipedia.  This is not Wikipedia 2.0.  The membership of this new
community, like all online communities, will be largely self-selecting
based on the policies we adopt.  And the policies we're adopting, we're
doing so in order to create an expert-guided, well-governed system--not,
necessarily, a utopian egalitarian one.  I suppose that's totally
obvious, too.

If, therefore, you dislike the idea that there will be workable,
pragmatic minimum qualifications of maturity and education for
constables, then I have to reiterate: select yourselves out.  I don't
mean to cause offense and saying this doesn't make me happy, but it's
probably for the best.  Stick with Wikipedia, and let us create a new
kind of system.  Afterwards, maybe come around and see if you like the

But please stay if you like the notion of a serious knowledge-creation
community with rules enforced by people with a certain level of
education and maturity.  That's the sort of community I want to set up.
 And I think there are a lot of people out there who want to be part of
that kind of community.


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