[Citizendium-l] Constables, editors, and the Citizendium Foundation

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Sat Sep 23 19:04:57 EDT 2006


I have some news to pass along.

This afternoon I've made some attempts to do some Big Delegation.

(1) I've chosen an Interim Chief Constable, and if she agrees--I'm not
sure she realized the size of the job--she will lead the creation of a
set of policies that govern the selection and behavior of the
Constabulary.  This is a person I have known since Nupedia days and
whom I trust greatly.  I think this answers Joe Szilagyi's question as
to how we're going to move forward with this.  I can guarantee that we
will not simply add 300 random constables.  Constables must, at a bare
minimum, possess a four-year college degree.

(2) I have also asked a close colleague, a distinguished scientist, to
be Interim Managing Editor.  This person will choose Interim Subject
Area Editors and lead the creation of a set of policies that govern the
selection and behavior of editors.  This is a person I have worked
closely with and, again, whom I deeply trust and respect.

All of these positions (and my own, I suppose) are "interim" in the
sense that all bets must be off as to what will ultimately be decided
in the Charter Convention.  If this community is to be organized under
a rule of law, then when the law is established, I believe it should
take precedence over appointments made prior to its adoption.

(3) The paperwork for the Citizendium Foundation has been drawn up and
will be sent out by next Tuesday.  We will also be setting up a
business account at a bank early next week as well.

This means that we are now accepting checks made out to "The Citizendium
Foundation".  You can donate now and, while your donation will not
immediately be tax-deductible, it will become so once we are granted
501(c)(3) status.

I would love to see some discussion, by the way, about what are the,
say, 12 most important "big" topics to discuss in the next 12 weeks.  I
*do* want to make a discussion schedule (for those who want voluntarily
to follow it--I will be doing so myself).

Not bad for a Saturday...now to have some quality time with wife and
baby.  :-)


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