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Phil Wardle phil_wardle at iprimus.com.au
Sat Sep 23 05:04:02 EDT 2006

May I just pop in here and remind people that the list's archives , 
although "perhaps" not quite up to date, have the ability to sort posts 
into threads and such.....much easier than fiddling with  e-mail clients 
to attempt the same thing.

I have just been trolling through them (in the nicest possible way)  and 
found them very useful for getting to grips with what has been discussed 
so far.


Nicholas Kaye-Smith wrote:

> On 9/23/06, *sanger-lists at citizendium.org 
> <mailto:sanger-lists at citizendium.org>* <sanger-lists at citizendium.org 
> <mailto:sanger-lists at citizendium.org>> wrote:
>     From: "Derek Lyons" <fairwater at gmail.com <mailto:fairwater at gmail.com>>
>     > Moving to a forum will solve few, if any, of the problems listed
>     on that page.
>     Thanks Derek, you know, you have really put things in perspective, I
>     think.  This is (together with the parts I've snipped) a pretty
>     simple
>     but powerful argument: what problems with the list would Web forums
>     solve, really?
> Well, for one, some email clients cannot organize emails by thread, 
> and there is no way to organize threads which have the same general 
> topic but different subject line...
> Without Gmail's organisation by thread I could not read this mailing list.
> 2. This better organisation will speed up the process for people who 
> are not sure whether their ideas have already been discussed, and for 
> people who only want to contribute on certain points (the current 
> mailing lists are too broad, and having seperate mailing lists limits 
> collaboration between mailing lists, which is important in early stages).
> 3. More space efficient. Why fill up everyone's email with multiple 
> copies when you can have one central copy?
> 4. Easier for moderators - just a personal opinion.
> 5. More flexible for contributors - people can contribute when they 
> want to.
> and more...
> I think we should discuss options, then vote for this. How about 
> (demos are in brackets):
> Where should discussion take place?
> 1) On a Wiki - MediaWiki ( cz.formationos.net/wiki 
> <http://cz.formationos.net/wiki>)
> 2) On a Wiki - Other (please specify, and I will set up demo)
> 3) On a Forum - PhpBB (cz.formationos.net/forum 
> <http://cz.formationos.net/forum>)
> 4) On a Forum - Phorum ( cz.formationos.net/forum2 
> <http://cz.formationos.net/forum2>)
> 5) On a Forum - Other (specify)
> 6) On Mailing Lists
> 7) Newsgroup
> I'll be voting 4)
> Don't worry about hosting, I can do that if required, without ads.
> I haven't really been following the discussion, so I think I missed 
> one or two...
> Nicholas
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