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On 9/23/06, sanger-lists at citizendium.org <sanger-lists at citizendium.org>
> From: "Derek Lyons" <fairwater at gmail.com>
> > Moving to a forum will solve few, if any, of the problems listed on that
> page.
> Thanks Derek, you know, you have really put things in perspective, I
> think.  This is (together with the parts I've snipped) a pretty simple
> but powerful argument: what problems with the list would Web forums
> solve, really?

Well, for one, some email clients cannot organize emails by thread, and
there is no way to organize threads which have the same general topic but
different subject line...
Without Gmail's organisation by thread I could not read this mailing list.
2. This better organisation will speed up the process for people who are not
sure whether their ideas have already been discussed, and for people who
only want to contribute on certain points (the current mailing lists are too
broad, and having seperate mailing lists limits collaboration between
mailing lists, which is important in early stages).
3. More space efficient. Why fill up everyone's email with multiple copies
when you can have one central copy?
4. Easier for moderators - just a personal opinion.
5. More flexible for contributors - people can contribute when they want to.
and more...

I think we should discuss options, then vote for this. How about (demos are
in brackets):

Where should discussion take place?
1) On a Wiki - MediaWiki (cz.formationos.net/wiki)
2) On a Wiki - Other (please specify, and I will set up demo)
3) On a Forum - PhpBB (cz.formationos.net/forum)
4) On a Forum - Phorum (cz.formationos.net/forum2)
5) On a Forum - Other (specify)
6) On Mailing Lists
7) Newsgroup

I'll be voting 4)

Don't worry about hosting, I can do that if required, without ads.

I haven't really been following the discussion, so I think I missed one or

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