[Citizendium-l] What are experts, again, and how do they work?

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JA = Jon Awbrey

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JA: You have well described a particular type of complex situation that does
    arise on occasion, where well-informed people disagree for various reasons.
    But that is not the typical sort of situation in WP that causes the lion's
    share of the problems between more experienced and less experienced people.
    In normal society, where all interested parties have a respect for knowledge,
    the folks who truly want to learn what they do not know usually figure out
    who has the goods on a given subject, and a transfer of information occurs
    in the proper direction.  And groups of specialists in different areas can
    find ways to share so that everybody is enriched, if that is what everyone
    desire more than a contest for which gang will be kings of the hill.

JA: Sad to say, that just doesn't happen in WP.  There is some sort of ambient
    field of forces that prevents it, some background permission to be pigheaded,
    and I think that pig rots from the head.  There are subjects that I've studied
    for forty years, others where I had a decade of graduate courses and seminars.
    I certainly have my disputes with other folks of equal experience, but never
    anywhere else but WP have I had to sit and watch 2 folks who had a subject
    waved over their heads once or twice in some intro course gang up and rip
    to shreds an article that I put weeks or months of work into.  That is
    what happens on a day to day basis in WP.  And the Admin Cabal seems
    to enjoy watching the books burn for who the hell knows what reason.

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