[Citizendium-l] Will this work?

Phil Wardle phil_wardle at iprimus.com.au
Fri Sep 22 00:21:53 EDT 2006

My thoughts interspersed....

Jossi Fresco wrote:

> On Sep 21, 2006, at 6:50 PM, Kim van der Linde wrote:
>> At current, the main issues I see are:
>> - What is the goal of CZ?
>> - Degree of editor control?
> I would also add:
> Is the expectation that experts will come forward and participate pro- 
> bono in this endeavor? 

Why yes, I believe so;  many have already and this list for instance is 
only one day old. A great many appropriately accredited experts have 
supported Wikipedia, why not Citizendium?

> All this talk about "experts" having a hard  time in WP (in my 
> experience, some have had a hard time, other have  not..) as the main 
> driver to join this project, may be an ungrounded  assessment, and 
> maybe a bit of wishful thinking.

I think you may have answered your own question above :-)

"Having a hard time" at Wikipedia is all relative of course. Some have 
had bad experiences with POV issue possibly resulting in edit wars;  
others with such Internet nasties as mindless vandalism, sock puppets 
and self-opinionated  people who may consider themselves experts, but 
are in fact,  just pains in the bottom.

> I just don't see it happen... Hope I am wrong, though... It would be  
> great if such experts across a wide gamut of subjects will come  
> forward and volunteer as editors. And if they do, we will always have  
> the POV of that expert to contend with. What would an expert in  
> string theory will do, when he comes to edit the Citizendium article  
> on string theory, and finds that there is another expert on string  
> theory with completely opposing views to his? How that will be  
> resolved? Does anybody believe that experts do not have POVs to push?  
> I would argue that experts will have stronger POVs than the  
> occasional contributor who is not an expert.

This IS hard one. The joker within me would argue "how long is a piece 
of string". The amateur astronomer, philosopher and teacher of science 
would answer...I want to read both POV and read an article that clearly 
states I am witness to the study and explanation of as-yet unproven 
theory unfolding in front of my eyes...and being expounded by the very 
people who are at its forefront.

Oh, how I would have loved to have Einstein and  Niels Bohr editing a 
Wikipedia  article on quantum mechanics for instance!!

Cheers, Phil.

> As I think about the proposed hierarchy and modus operandi, I only  
> find hard questions and not easy answers....
> -- Jossi
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