[Citizendium-l] A new year, a new encyclopedia (Was: High priority tasks)

Derek Lyons fairwater at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 12:44:50 EDT 2006

On 9/21/06, Phil Wardle <phil_wardle at iprimus.com.au> wrote:
>  In regards to Wally's call to arms to get information about Citizendium out
> to academics etc, may I add that we must not under any circumstances forget
> to enlist the aid of librarians and libraries, both at universities and such
> things as State libraries.

On a slight side tangent - the highest priority task is to get the
basic infrastructure, policies, and processes into place.  Without
doing that, 'getting the word out' is like attempting to hold a formal
party in the basement excavation of a house not yet built.  All it
will accomplish is to get all involved damp and dirty - and annoyed.
It will not be a positive experience.

As the old bromide has it:  Haste makes Waste.

I believe that Larry should set a new goal - to import the articles
from Wikipedia on the first day of the New Year.  The time between now
and then can be usefully spent in getting the foundations ready and
the walls and roof on.


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