[Citizendium-l] Include in Citizendium a built-in bibliographic database manager for authors & editors

Bob Futrelle bob.futrelle at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 20:45:28 EST 2006

I've always used EndNote. What is the difference between EndNote and
Reference Manager?  Would RM be preferred for CZ (as I abbreviate
Citizendium in own notes).

 - Bob

On 10/29/06, Anthony Sebastian <Anthony_Sebastian at msn.com> wrote:
> Sunday, October 29, 2006
> Dear Mr. Sanger:
> I have participated in the Citizendium forums (as Anthony.Sebastian) and
> have suggested in the technical forum consideration of incorporating a
> bibliographic database manager (BDM) in Citizendium.  I received favorable
> responses.  Incorporating a BDM, like Reference Manager, Endnote or
> Pro-Cite, would greatly assist author/editors in including source-citations
> in the text, and in generating reference lists.  Most academics I know
> depend on the functionality of BDMs.
> Citizendium's BDM would allow authors/editors to cite while they wrote,
> automatically generate reference lists, and search of many online database
> from outside sources (e.g., Library of Congress, individual university
> library catalogs, PubMed, Agricola, LexisNexis Academic). An enormous
> number of such databases exist (e.g., see
> http://www-sul.stanford.edu/catdb/alldata.html#l), giving author/editors
> access to millions of citation-sources for documenting their articles.
> Citizendium's BDM would allow easy copying of citation-sources (articles,
> books, websites, etc.) from those databases to an article's individual
> database.
> Citizendium needs to make it easy for an author/editor to render her article
> scholarly and authoritative, to maximize the quality and instructiveness of
> the article, to facilitate completing the article, and thus to facilitate
> the growth of Citizendium.
> Below, see a letter I composed to the president of Thomson ResearchSoft,
> maker of the three major BDMs, urging him to contact you to consider the
> possibility of incorporating the functionality of Reference Manager into
> Citizendium's writing tools.  I would not transmit it without your okay.
> You might want to consider a different approach if the BDM idea appeals.
> Sincerely yours,
> Anthony Sebastian, M.D.
> Professor of Medicine
> To: President of Thompson ResearchSoft
> Dear Sir:
> You undoubtedly have heard of Wikipedia, the online, user-developed
> encyclopedia. The premiere science journal, Nature, gave it high marks in
> comparison with Encyclopedia Britannica.
> Now, the originator of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, has started a new "version",
> Citizendium, targeting more authoritative articles. See his introductory
> essay: http://citizendium.org/essay_shorter.html.
> The start-up team has not incorporated a bibliographic database manager in
> their writing tools for authors.  That oversight will make it much more
> difficult for expert authors to reference their articles comprehensively.
> I believe they should incorporate Reference Manager in Citizendium. I would
> expect a mechanism of incorporation that precludes private use of the
> program, so that it would have no negative effect on your sales of the
> product. Indeed, as users become familiar with the use and advantages  of
> Reference Manager (e.g., Cite-While-You-Write, internet searching for
> sources), they might want to purchase a copy for their own use.  In any
> event, your company would get a lot of public exposure and free publicity.
> I would urge you to contact Mr. Sanger (sanger at citizendium.org) and discuss
> possibilities.  Yours and his technical teams could work out the security
> issues.
> Perhaps you would consider donating the product functionality, once you see
> the potential of its success in establishing an authoritative, constantly
> updated online encyclopedia.
> Anthony Sebastian, M.D.
> Professor of Medicine
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