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Jon Awbrey jawbrey at att.net
Wed Oct 25 01:44:14 EDT 2006


David & All --

The problem with the Chat Forum is its LTM --
it's like that film ''Memento'' --

The problem with the Journal is -- Who would read it?
Anybody at the switches of power?  No, they're all
way too busy switching the switches.

Many of us have long ago worn out our best wits saying
what we've learned the very hardest way from the mess
at Wikipedia -- wishing in the wind that somebody
will not try and sell us WP 1.01 this time around.

Every time I read one of those old acronyms I positively cringe --
and my friends and foes both will tell you how much I normally
or otherwise like acronyms.  Wikipedia took all the fun out
of them, even for me.  But still you keep repeating them.

Let me continue to emphasize that Citizendium will get no honeymoon --
If it does not learn wiki pronto from all of the available data and
all of the available feedback of those who went through the ringer
with Wikipedia then it will go from pre-nuptial to irreconcilable
indifference in the eyes of the public-spirited intelligentsia
faster than you can say "Citizendium".  There are lots and
lots of folks who came, who saw, who got burned, or just
got disgusted, all without notice, and the things that
you are broadcasting in your media blintzes (sic) may
wowie-zowie the bloggers, but it will all sound like
the same old snake oil to veterans who have been to
the front and died on the hill of Wikipedia beans.

Jon Awbrey

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