[Citizendium-l] Publisher vs. Service Provider (was Re: Introduction from David Marshall)

Haukur Þorgeirsson haukurth at hi.is
Fri Oct 20 05:19:05 EDT 2006

> The first is to draft and agree a wide
> range of policies that will establish
> CZ as a publisher with the lowest
> possible exposure to external threats.

You'll want to start right there and not say the word 'publisher' unless
you really mean it. Read this interview:


Brad Patrick, Wikimedia's CG, goes to some lengths to try to establish
Wikimedia's status not as a *publisher* but as a *service provider*. If
this holds up in court it gives Wikimedia a much more favourable position
to withstand lawsuits on content (basically they'll claim that any
problematic content is not being published by them but by the editor who
posted it).

If Citizendium wants to do the same thing you'll want to be careful right
off the bat on insisting that you are a service provider and not a
publisher. If you do not want to do the same thing, and instead accept the
legal responsibility of a publisher, that would best be made explicit too.
Editors, authors and constables will want to know where they stand.


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