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Thu Oct 19 23:02:42 EDT 2006


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David Goodman responded:
> Jon,
> You cannot actually separate fact from interpretation and theory,
> because then you have no structure to organize the facts -- and,
> even worse, no basis to select the facts.  (That's basis, as in
> structural foundation).  All you can do is indicate, preferably
> by ordinary language, how certain the facts are, how accepted the
> interpretations, and how well-grounded the theories. -- And, as in
> most science texts, present them both together, in small chunks.
> It is not difficult for a reader to tell fact from interpretation,
> but the reader needs knowledge to judge their liklihood and validity.

I have to say that I agree with you here --
especially since I've already committed
myself to print in this ver same wise:

* http://www.chss.montclair.edu/inquiry/fall95/awbrey.html

And of course I never change my <nowiki>mind</nowiki>
once the moving finger has writ, and moved on ...

I only wish we had the opportunity to discuss the
manifold ramifications of this theme, but I need
to try and focus on the more pressing matters
at hand, which are to see if we can prevent
Citizendium from falling prey to a host of
normative antinomies that came, in good,
bad, and ugly time to plague Wikipedia.

But it has been a long and tiring day,
and so I'll try to start again fresh

Jon Awbrey

DG: I think I have the right metaphor from my profession:
    when somebody asks me for a book and I do not know what
    level or what sort of a book s/he is looking for, I take
    out a carefully selected few (definitely not a random few),
    and say, If none of these are what you wanted, ask me again.
    After seeing them, s/he knows what to ask for.

DG: There is no practical way  to get people to read only what they
    ought to read.  If you try doing it as a teacher, & it does not
    suit the class, they do not do the reading.

PS. What you say here brings to mind many an exultant time getting
    lost in the stacks, and bears on the theme of "accessibility",
    so I'll put this "note to self" here as a reminder of that.

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