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I didn't mean that we're creating only "for" someone, I meant that in  
the sense of that's the maximum level of reading comprehension that  
should be necessary for most articles.  A person with a 10th-12th  
grade education should be able to understand the articles, or the  
articles should provide backlinks to "grounding" articles.  I see  
Citizendium's purpose as helping provide a basic level of  
understanding.  Reading the Citizendium articles on a subject won't  
prepare you for the midterm, but they might be a nice extra resource.

I think of Citizendium's purpose as a revision of Wikipedia as  
opposed to a completely new model.  We're version 1.5 in my mind - we  
know what didn't work, and so we're refining it.  As I see it, by  
making people take personal responsibility for their contributions,  
and by giving "experts" a mentoring role, we're helping make a  
resource that anyone can contribute to while simultaneously making  
one that's reliable and accurate.

If I were an expert or academic, I'd be more excited about CZ than I  
already am.  If a person is an academic (at least from my  
interactions with them), then they want to expand human knowledge.   
We're offering them a way to continue teaching people.  Besides,  
professors (at least mine) have some pressure on them to do something  
to bring attention to the school (either by publishing or doing  
something notable), especially in their quest for tenure or a chair.   
As I see it, if CZ becomes big enough, being an "editor" might look  
good on your CV, and I could see a point 4-5 years from now where  
colleges like UVA and Oakland University talk that up when they talk  
about how smart and accomplished their professors are.

Just some thoughts from a random contributor (and definitely a non- 

Zachary Pruckowski
UVA Arts and Sciences Class of 2009
(which looks puny in response to "Vice-Provost" and "Dr.")

On Oct 17, 2006, at 8:15 AM, Susan Awbrey wrote:

> Good Morning,
> Zach's response to the encyclopedia question raises several  
> questions for me -- If we are creating an encyclopedia for high  
> school educated people, why are we doing that if Wikipedia already  
> exists?  What will be different about citizendium?  Will that  
> charge be the best to attract a different type of participant than  
> Wikipedia (i.e., academics or experts) to assist wtih the project?   
> Susan
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