[Citizendium-l] First editorial workgroups being set up

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Mon Nov 20 23:30:24 EST 2006


I'd like to point you to the great work that some people have done on
workgroup pages:

Biology Workgroup:

Engineering Workgroup:

And several discussions have started:

Finally, we've easily broken records about numbers of edits per day, with
all the categorization that's been going on:

(Well over 600 changes in the last 24 hours.)

This is all great.  But with 300 (and climbing) active usernames, by golly,
I think we can do even more!  Not that I would try to make you feel guilty
or anything.  :-)  

Seriously, guilt isn't a good way to motivate people.  Excitement is, and
look here--we've built a credible momentum in this project for several weeks
now.  We're up to 341 "CZ Live" articles.  I see excellent evidence that
this project is taking off--no doubt to the great disappointment of Clay
Shirky ;-) --and I'm pretty excited about it all.  Remember also that we've
got great fans in the media, too.  Today I had a very long interview with
one of the largest Spanish newspapers, *El Mundo*.  In passing our PR person
said to the reporter that the press attention we've received has been
amazing, even to her.  Also, we're regularly in contact with various
foundations and companies who want to help out; we've got a new commitment
for a goodly sum of money that will help get us through the next few months
(but, since we are not legally a nonprofit yet, we just now need a fiscal
agent to get to the money).  I opined a month or two ago such things as "I
call that a quorum" and "this thing is happening"--my opinion hasn't

Note I've added "Workgroups" to the sidebar.  Hope that helps.

I didn't get around to doing any recruitment myself, and besides, I have
doubts about the effectiveness of calls for participation just a few days
before the big U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving.  So I propose that, this week,
we *get ready* to make our first calls for participation on mailing lists
and such one week from today, Monday, November 27.  This means working away
on the Mailing List Outreach page (http://tinyurl.com/tok3s): make sure that
the best mailing lists in *your* discipline are listed on that page, please.

Also, among other things, I would like to have all active (and even inactive
;-) ) editors and authors "classified" as being in one workgroup or another.
So please, if you haven't yet, go to the wiki and add [[Category:<your
workgroup> <your role>]] to your user page.  E.g., I have added
[[Category:Philosophy Authors]] to my user page.  (For this, maybe personnel
admins will have to get into the act...)  I'd also like to have the contents
of the "High priority articles for pilot" page moved to the "top"

More generally, if you haven't read yesterday's mail about our launch of
editorial workgroups, here is a link to it: http://tinyurl.com/y9wtyx


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